Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday! Kitchen Day!

Ok! Happy Monday, everyone! 

Are you ready to get started on that mess? 

I am SO ready!


We're going to focus on a different room each day, sometimes 2 rooms.

There are things we need to do each day in addition to our focus room in order to keep the house straightened up. 

I will be adding some things to this checklist as we move on throughout the week. 

 Main Checklist:

  • Do at least one load of laundry from start to finish. Wash, dry, & put away!
  • Load and unload your dishwasher, or if you don't have one, wash your dishes.
  • Don't be lazy.When you remove items from one room, put the where they belong. Do not just toss them in their respective rooms. We are trying to avoid messes piling up.  

Today we're going to focus on the kitchen. 

The kitchen is one of my least favorite rooms to clean since I have to clean it so often. That's why I have to clean it first each week. If it doesn't get clean on Monday, the mess just piles up and I don't even want to walk in there, let alone cook or clean!

We're not  detailing today. We are just cleaning it so there isn't any clutter and your countertops and appliances aren't sticky or coated with food. 

Kitchen Checklist:

  • Clear your counters of dishes. Wash any dirty ones, and put away any clean ones. 
  • Clear off your kitchen table. There should be nothing left on it unless you have a centerpiece.
  • Clear your counters of any trash or items that do not belong in the kitchen.
  • Wipe down your countertops, table top, sink, and stove top with a wet soapy rag or a cleaning spray.  
  • Sweep the floor, thoroughly. 
  • If you have a quick & easy mop, go ahead and mop the floor. I use a Libman Freedom mop and I love that sucker!
By just following the checklist above, you will have a clean kitchen in just a few minutes. I know we didn't scrub or deep-clean anything, but we'll focus on those details next Monday when we revisit the kitchen. 

Your goal is to keep the kitchen picked up throughout the week.

Quick Tips:

Clean up after yourself after you make a sandwich or pour a drink.

Wipe the stove top & counters down after you finish cooking a meal.

Keep the dishwasher cycled so you can immediately put dirty dishes into it instead of piling them in the sink. 

Again, don't be lazy. It just takes an extra few seconds to put things away or into the dishwasher.

Don't go to bed with a messy kitchen. Most families start their day having breakfast in the kitchen. The last thing you want to do is wake up to dirty dishes and clutter everywhere.

Hopefully taking the time to do these things will start to form good habits!

You can do it!!!


Sage said...

I love this! Off I go to tackle the list :)

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