Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Something that you should know about me is that I’m a total Disney freak!
My siblings and I used to have Disney movie marathons. We would close the curtains in the living room, making it as dark as possible. Then, we would choose a line-up of movies to last us all day long, pop some popcorn, bring our pillows and blankets in and set up our spots (sometimes rotating who gets to sit where in between movies) and we would watch, sing along, and even recite the lines with each movie. 

Aladdin happens to be one of my favorite Disney movies. Unfortunately, I only owned it on VHS (before today), so we couldn’t watch it unless we put it in the VCR (what’s that?!?!) in Big A’s bedroom. When we were visiting my family last week, my little sister  found out that Middle A had never seen Aladdin. Being the Disney freak that she is (see? I’m not the only one!), she got onto the internet on her Kindle Fire, found it on DVD, and ordered it right then and there. It arrived today, so naturally we had to watch it. 

I know this isn’t technically using the word abracadabra in my post, but here’s one of my favorite songs from the movie....which coincidentally includes today’s word. 


Monday, June 11, 2012

What’s the Word?

I know I’m supposed to find a creative way to include the words from ‘What’s the Word’ into my regular posts, but I have been incredibly busy lately, so I’m slacking in the blog post department. 
Since the word for today is bellybutton, I will share with you a favorite photo of MY bellybutton. 

My pregnant belly. That’s Miss Middle A inside!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Childhood Nostalgia

Today, the girls and I went to my grandparents’ house to visit and play.
We call their place ‘The Farm’ because it’s a piece of farmland, even though it’s not technically a functioning farm.
The photo below is just part of their property.
The view from our quilt.

As we were lying on a quilt under a pecan tree, I thought of the hundreds thousands of wonderful memories I have of my siblings, my cousins, and myself spending time there. A rush of emotion ran over me. It was a fusion of nostalgia, sadness, happiness, and longing.

Grumpy & Middle A sitting on a bench by the creek.

I have many wonderful memories of all the things my grandparents and I did together. I love my grandparents. They were a huge presence throughout my childhood. Their house was on the same bus route as ours, so we would ride home from school to their house and play all afternoon. In the summertime, my mom would take us to The Farm whether Grandma & Grumpy were home or not. We would play outside for hours, until mom said it was time to go home.

My siblings and I got this wagon for Easter when we were young. It has a new paint job, but it’s still in great condition!
I am saddened because I can’t just go to The Farm whenever I want with my kids. I learned how to ride my bike there. I caught crawdads in the creek. We played Pooh Sticks on the bridge. I helped Grumpy plant his garden....then helped him pick the veggies. We played hide & seek in the two barns on the property. I wish I could take my kids there more often so they can experience those same things I did. I know they’ll get to have these experiences at some point. It just seems more special to me to even think that we could share those same memories with my grandfather at his home....and yet we can’t, since we live four hours away.

Big A & myself, lying on the big quilt under the pecan tree.
I’m still happy that I get to visit when I am in town. I love taking my kids there so they can see a little slice of my childhood. Sharing my childhood with my kids is one of my favorite things. I love telling Big A stories about the things her aunt, uncles & I did when we were young. Luckily, our mom either took pictures of everything or recorded it. We have a great record of our childhoods. It’s so much fun to share it with my girls. I try so hard to create the same fun, carefree, creative and loving environment I had as a child.

Middle A making her, “Oh, you want to take a picture of me?” face.

I would like so much to be able to spend our summers at The Farm; to just lie on a quilt in the shade of one of the many trees Grumpy has planted (some with our help) and watch my girls play the days away. That particular tree we were sitting under today was one that I helped Grumpy plant. The memories I have of my grandparents will always be some of my favorite. I guess I just need to make a conscious effort to create more when we come to visit.
Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What’s the Word?

Yesterday I had a day full of good friends and fun, so I missed day two of What’s the Word.

Funny thing, though. I logged on this morning and saw that the word for yesterday was ‘mushroom’. My sister, a friend, and I had lunch at Cheddar’s. I ordered the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, which is probably one of my favorite things to eat. I was about a quarter of the way through my sandwich when I noticed that it had mushrooms on it. You say, “What’s so strange about that?”  This sandwich had WHOLE mushrooms on it. There are usually mushroom slices or pieces mixed in with the beef. I had a pile of little mushrooms on my plate from picking them out. I just couldn’t eat them. I had contemplated taking a picture, but I thought I might look silly. I do wish I had done it now. Lesson learned: if I want to be a good little blogger, I need to take pictures of everything.

Now....on to today!

I think I might cheat a little bit today. The word is unicorn, and it just so happens that I have already written a blog post that includes the word unicorn. I’m going to link to it so you can read (or re-read) it. It’s from my earlier blogging days. Birthday Cake & Sneaky Unicorns.

What’s the Word?

I know that technically it’s day five since it’s past midnight, but I have to post for day four since we actually did something pertaining to the word today yesterday.

Blowing bubbles is one of Middle A’s favorite things to do, so it’s no surprise that it was part of our day today.

She’s learning how to properly blow a bubble.

She is patient enough now to blow gently so bubbles actually come out of the wand. 
That’s hard for a two year-old....patience & control. 

She loves trying to catch them. Usually it’s with her mouth, though. I couldn’t catch her in the act, but I did catch this one of her trying to catch one with her hand.

Even little A got in on the action!

Friday, June 1, 2012

A New Challenge for June!

My two blogging besties (Sage & Shai) and I have decided to take on this challenge for June.
 It’s from Tabi Happy, and it’s called ‘What’s the Word’.
Below is a list of thirty words that we have to somehow work into a daily blog post throughout the month of June.
I have to say that I’m absolutely smitten by the whole idea. I think it’s genius, and very creative. This will challenge me to use words that I don’t use frequently (uvula?). I can’t wait to see what will come of this.

Buckle up! I don’t know where this ride is going!

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