Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 5: Bathrooms & Weekend Homework

Happy Friday!!!

Aren't you so excited? 
You get to clean your bathrooms today! 

Ok, so I lied when I said we weren't doing any deep cleaning this week. 
We have to clean the bathrooms today and they need a good scrubbing at least once a week. 

We're going to actually scrub the bathrooms because quite frankly, they get disgusting if you don't clean them.

I like to clean my bathrooms on Friday. If we plan on having company over, it's usually on the weekends. I like to have fresh, clean bathrooms for them to use. 

Let's get going!

Main Checklist:

  • Do at least one load of laundry from start to finish. Wash, dry, and put away!
  • Load and unload your dishwasher. If you don't have one, wash and put away all of your dirty dishes.
  • Don't be lazy. When you take something from a room to put it away, put it where it belongs. Don't just toss it in the room. We're trying to prevent having a mess pile up.
  • Do a quick pick-up in the kitchen. If there is anything in there that doesn't belong, go put it away.
  • Clear the kitchen counters of clutter. 
  • Do a quick pick-up in the living room. If there is anything in there that doesn't belong, go put it away.
  • Check on the bedrooms. Is there clutter starting to pile up? Go ahead and pick it up so it doesn't get worse!
  • Encourage your children to put away their toys when they're finished with them. Show the the correct place to put them. Don't just send them to their rooms with them.
  • Do a clean sweep through the kitchen and living room before you go to bed.

Bathroom Checklist:

  • Pick up anything that is on the floor and put it away.
  • Clear your countertops of clutter.
  • Go ahead and put your toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet to let it sit for a few minutes and do its job. 
  • Remove your contents from the shower and spray it with bathroom/shower cleaner. 
  • Spray your sinks and counters with  your choice of cleaner and wipe them down. 
  • Clean your mirrors.
  • Sweep the floor.
  • Replace your hand towels and bath towels with fresh ones.
  • Scrub down your shower/tub with a sponge or rag. 
  • Spray the outside of your toilet with cleaner and wipe it down. 
  • Clean the lid, seat, and rim. Then, scrub the bowl with a toilet brush. 
  • Mop the floor.
Have fun scrubbing those toilets!

Since I'm a stay-at-home mom, I've decided that I get weekends off from housecleaning just like my husband gets a weekend off from work.
 I try to get everything cleaned up by Friday, maintaining the work I did earlier in the week, so I don't have to really focus on cleaning over the weekend. I would much rather be spending that time with my family. 
I don't completely neglect the house though. I do quick pick-ups all weekend instead of focusing on particular rooms. 
If I don't clean at all for those two days, my house becomes a disaster area. 

I'm going to leave you with homework for the weekend so when we start the scrubbing and organizing on Monday, we don't have to clean the room first.

Weekend Homework:

  • Don't slack on keeping the house picked up. 
  • If you see a mess starting to form, pick it up!
  • Keep your dishwasher cycled.
  • Spend some quality time with your family since you're not worried about cleaning.

Don't wait for your house to look messy and cluttered before you start cleaning. That's when most of us get overwhelmed. If you continually clean throughout the week, it stays picked up. For me, it's much easier to go into a room that's a little messy to clean it up. If it looks like a tornado ripped through there, I don't even want to start on it.


Sage said...

I am proud to say I have done one load of laundry, the dishes, cleaned the main bathroom AND the girls' bathroom ... thank you for the motivation!

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