Thursday, February 16, 2012

DIY Drawer Dividers

I am one of those people whose belongings all have a 'home'. 
Everything has a place. 
Whether it makes it there or not is a different story. 
I'm always looking for ways to get organized (and hopefully stay that way).
One of the most disorganized places in our house is each of our underwear drawers.
I keep all of my undergarments in the same drawer. 
I do the same for our girls. There's no need for socks and undies to be in separate drawers. 
Unfortunately this makes for a messy, disorganized drawer. 

Here is the solution.

You need:

Measure the dimensions of your drawer. You need depth, length & width.

Cut pieces of cardboard to those sizes. 
For this drawer, I wanted 4 compartments. 
I cut 2 end pieces & a center piece all the length of the drawer, as well as a cross piece the width of the drawer. Be sure you measure the depth inside the drawer, not the front of the drawer.

Notch each piece where you want them to cross. 
I wanted these to cross in the center, creating equal spaces. 
Be sure your notch is half the width of the board.

Notch the ends of the long piece on the same side you did the center notch.

Place your end & center pieces in with the notches facing up.
Then place the cross piece in with notches facing down. 

Note: It may not seem like it, but the end pieces are important. If you do not use them, the divider will just move around when you put things in the drawer. 

You have a homemade drawer organizer!


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