Monday, February 6, 2012
As a mom of three, I make sacrifices a lot to be able to provide my girls with things that they need and occasionally a want or two. I haven't been clothes shopping for myself in what seems like forever. My wardrobe is looking pretty worn out.  I have bought a few pieces here and there. Having been pregnant twice over the past 3 years has made it even harder for me to purchase clothes. My body has changed so much that nothing fits me the same as it used to. I actually weigh the same now as I did back in high school. After pregnancy, your weight is literally just a number. It doesn't matter how little or how much you weigh. If you don't tone your body, it's always going to feel like fat. That's my experience, at least. 

I'm getting to a point for this post, I promise. 

Like many people, I am addicted to Pinterest. That crazy website where people 'pin' anything they find. Recipes, sewing patterns, tutorials, home decor, funny signs....really, anything. One of my favorite things to look at is the collection of different styles of clothing. I have a board named, "I wish I dressed like this..."  Yes, if I had a never-ending clothing budget, I would definitely dress in the outfits I have pinned. I want to share a few examples with you, my dozen subscribers, who I am more than thrilled to have to share these pointless ramblings with. 

Please, feel free to peruse my Pinterest boards. There is a button over there ---> for you to click on so you can follow me. 

Grey+Black+Silver=<3<3Love this color!<3

I want to go somewhere to have an excuse to wear this dress:

So much love for this dress!!!

Or this one:

50s style cocktail dress.. absolutely adore this!

I think it's time to start budgeting for new clothes for mommy & daddy instead of spending it all on the kiddos. We deserve nice, new things sometimes too, right?


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