Monday, February 20, 2012

Coasters & a new 'do.

Last week, I got tired of my hair and decided it needed to be cut. 
So I cut it. 
This is the most recent picture of the length, although it seems a bit shorter in this picture since it's curled. 
(I used the headband no-heat curling method to get these messy curls).

Here is what it looks like now. I put some subtle layers in it and cut my bangs.  
I have the top layers pulled back in this photo.

I'm going to share another gift I made for my IL's for Christmas. 
There are DIY photo coaster tutorials all over the internet.
I decided to try it. 
I made my IL's a set of coasters with their grandchildren's photos on them.

It was super cheap & easy!

I'll put the steps below, but if you would rather see a photo tutorial, google it. There are tons of them out there.

Use 4x4 tiles from HD or Lowe's. 

Cut your photos a little bit smaller than the tile, as I did.

Put a layer of Mod Podge (found at Wal-Mart and craft stores) on the tile.

Place your photo on the wet mod podge, being careful not to create air pockets.

Let it dry for a few minutes (it doesn't take long).

Put a couple of layers of mod podge over the entire surface of the photo and tile, one at a time letting them dry in between each application.

Spray each tile with a waterproof sealer (found at HD or Lowe's). 

Glue a 4x4 square of felt to the bottom of each tile.  


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