Monday, January 7, 2013

Wanted: Sleep.

The baby of our family, Little A, is now over a year old. No, I didn’t post about her birthday. I apologize. There will be a cute birthday post soon. For now, there are more pressing matters. My one year-old has an addiction.

To my boobs.

No, I’m kidding. She isn’t addicted. I know some of you pro-breastfeeding mamas out there are freaking out because it’s the best nourishment for Little A and I’m making a joke of it. I’m just ready to wean her from nursing, but she just wont give it up!

Now, before anyone freaks out and starts yelling at your computer screen about her not being ready, or I shouldn’t be selfish and make her stop, shut up and listen. Or read, rather.

I am extremely proud of us for making it past the one year mark with breastfeeding. I didn’t make it two months with Middle A. Looking back, I’m sure I gave up too easily. I wish I had fought harder, but I was an exhausted first-time mom. Had I known the amazing bond it creates between mother and baby, I would have fought harder for it. That being said, I do not want to breastfeed my kids forever. I don’t even want to breastfeed them for two years. One year is plenty for me. And since I’m the decision maker for my children, one year is plenty for Little A as well.

Little A eats all of her meals with the family. She also drinks very well from sippy cups and straws. The kid devours a grilled cheese sandwich faster than her sisters. We have no problems getting her to eat. The only time she doesn’t eat well is if there’s a lot of commotion distracting her.

She’s a comfort nurser. She likes to nurse before naptime, bedtime, and still wakes up in the middle of the night to nurse. The last is the point that kills me. The child wants to nurse all.night.long! My back hurts and I’m tired. That turns me into one cranky and short-tempered mama. I don’t think I’ve slept more than 2 nights all the way through since Little A was born.

I want to reclaim my bed.

I want to actually sleep next to my husband instead of a child.

And I want my boobs back!

What’s your best advice about weaning a baby from the breast, or even bottles at bedtime?

Share your child’s bedtime routine with us!


Nicole Bjorgen said...

in the SAME boat with my 15 m old. its exhausting! i have no solutions (cuz if i did id be done!) but know im right there with ya!

Amanda said...

Little A is 14 months old, so they’re pretty close in age. I took the front rail off of her crib yesterday and she loves it! She has always hated being confined in the crib. Middle A used to wake up and just play in there, but Little A always screamed when she woke up. Last night, she woke up and walked into our room around 2 am. She had been asleep since 7:30, though. Not too shabby! I actually got her to sleep without nursing, too!

Special K said...

I don't know but I'm also ready!!!!

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