Friday, January 18, 2013

The Vagabond Studio

Meet Shai.

Shai is one of my BFF’s and the mastermind behind The Vagabond Studio.
I get a lot of my creative inspiration from her. 
And parenting inspiration. 
And productive motivation. 
This woman is ahhh-mazing! 

Honestly, I think she has some sort of device that freezes time. Nobody can get as much done over the course of a day as this girl! 

She’s a full-time student, wife, mom, blogger, and Etsy shop owner. 

Last year, Shai was named number 7 in Top 25 Eco-Friendly Moms on Circle of Moms.
Voting is currently being held for 2013’s Top 25 Eco-Friendly Moms. 
PLEASE click here to vote for her! 

Her latest feature was in Eco-Beautiful Weddings Magazine, Winter /Spring 2013 issue. 
How could these beautiful bouquets and boutonnières NOT be a big hit?!

She also makes beautiful hair clips!

You can read more about her blog, The Vagabond Studio

Or if you would like to see more of her handmade goodies, visit her Etsy shop!



Anonymous said...

Shai rocks! She's a dedicated mother and so creative that it makes me sick! <3<3<3

TheVagabondStudio said...

Hasn't anyone told you? I'm The Doctor's new companion.

Who needs to *stop* time when you have the Tardis?! ♥

Thank you for the awesome feature - I heart you!

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