Monday, May 7, 2012

That moment when..... (for mommies)

That moment when you realize you haven't heard a peep from your toddler for 10 minutes and you find him creating his best masterpiece on his bedroom permanent marker.

That moment when your child tells you she has to pee, you look down, and she's standing in a puddle.

That moment when you're holding your baby above your head playing with him.....and he throws up in your mouth.

That moment when you take the diaper off your baby and realize it's messier than you thought.....and there's only one wipe left.

That moment when your toddler is screaming bloody murder, so you rush to her as fast as you can.....and find out she's afraid of an ant.

That moment when you find out that your child has evidently learned how to remove his diaper himself.....because you're quite positive that stain in your carpet doesn't smell like chocolate.

That moment when you realize you just put the only diaper you had left on your child.....and it's 1:00am. 

That moment when you tell your child to be careful with her drink....and before you can even get the words out of your mouth, she looks like she's bathed in it.

That moment when your kid runs up to you and says, "Look, mom! Tattoos!" because he drew all over his arms, legs, & face with a permanent marker.

That moment when your child looks at you and says, "I love you," just because she wanted to.

That moment when you're snuggling on the couch and you can think of nothing that would be better than that moment.

That moment when you see your kid's face light up because he discovered something new.

That moment when your child comes to give you a kiss just because you're his mommy.

That moment when your child snuggles up close to you in your bed and it's like she fits there perfectly in your arms. 


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