Saturday, August 20, 2011

I do what I want...

I don't have the blackout curtain tutorial for you yet because I haven't made it. I've been crazy-busy cleaning out and reorganizing the contents of the once-playroom, now empty, future Big Sister Suite...aka Big A's bedroom.  Her birthday is in 10 days, so I'll be making it soon, I promise. 

In the meantime, have a little morsel of sweetness from my life. No, it has nothing to do with sewing or crafting, but it's my blog and I do what I want. 

Over the last few days, I've had a major least it's what us moms of toddlers would call a victory.  Middle A has been wearing big girl panties all day with the exception of nap time and night time, with no accidents! We even went out to eat and shopping tonight, accident free!!! Seriously, if you don't have kids, you won't appreciate this at all. Considering she turns 18 months old tomorrow, I'm seriously proud of her! Plus, I think that earns me major Mommy Points! Whatever the heck that is....I just made it up, because seriously, us SAHM's should earn points redeemable toward spa visits and mani/pedi's, without having to pay for it. Also, since Little A is due in early/mid November, I'm pretty happy about this. It wouldn't cost me extra to have 2 in diapers since we use cloth, but it'll be a heck of a lot easier on me!  Now I have to keep my fingers crossed in hopes that Middle A doesn't regress once the baby arrives. 

Today I spent a good chunk of the day shopping for everything we need for Big A's Big Sister Suite. This kid is seriously spoiled and there should be a law against it. She is getting a complete room makeover and her own bathroom at the ripe old age of SEVEN! I didn't get my own bathroom until I bought a house....and even now I have to share it with D. Anyway, we have to set her room up since her birthday is coming up fast. Guess what I'll be doing this week!!!

Oh, one more thing. Since I am currently suffering from this evil thing called pregnancy insomnia (it exists, I swear!) and I absolutely cannot fall asleep at a decent hour, I'm blogging while Middle A watches The Princess and the Frog. D and Big A are camping out in a tent built beside our bed. Do you remember the days when you used every blanket, chair, and random piece of furniture in the house to make the biggest tent you could? That was seriously fun. If you never did that as a child, you missed out. Tonight we just did a simple tent consisting of two blankets, a couple of chairs and our bed. It is totally functional and fits both of them, just not as 'fancy'.  When it was finished (Uncle Matt, you'll LOVE this!) Big A said to D, "It's not like the ones Buddy builds." Poor Daddy. Buddy must hold the title for 'Building the Biggest, Coolest Tents Out of Household Items'.  I don't know, but D told her to sleep in her room since she didn't like it and she immediately decided it would do for the night. Here's a picture for your viewing pleasure. 


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