Monday, August 8, 2011

Wow. It's so early....

As I sit here waiting for the school bus with Big A, I'm debating whether I should go back to bed when she leaves or head out to Joann's for fabric. Middle A was running a fever yesterday, so she's sleeping soundly even through Big A talking unreasonably loudly for 6:30 am. I guess Mario Kart Wii is exciting.

I'll be putting together a blackout curtain for Big A's new bedroom. Yes, 'new' bedroom. She's getting a bedroom makeover for her birthday and moving downstairs into the 'Big Sister Suite'.  Lucky kid will have her own bathroom. Mommy doesn't even get that. I have to share with Daddy. 

I'll take pictures as I sew, so you can follow along on a tutorial in case you want to make a blackout panel anytime soon. 

I have also thought about posting a second repurposing tutorial on turning a women's T-shirt into a girl's T-shirt. The shirt I used for my first tutorial was kind of a special situation, in which I didn't have to do a lot of modifications. It was a pretty easy one to do.  Big A is already asking me for another new shirt and since I have a bag full to repurpose, I'll probably do it soon.

I have lots of ideas spinning around in my head, so check back every few days for new posts. You might catch some pictures of my pocket diapers or prefold covers, too! (Still debating on whether to do a tutorial for those...). 

See you soon!!


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