Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where has all the zebra print gone?!?!?

I am absolutely baffled by the shortage of zebra print in my area. I went to Joann's and two Hobby Lobbies yesterday to find the fabric needed to make Big A's blackout panel. She wants zebra print. Shouldn't be hard to find, right? It's always there when I'm not looking for it. 

I went to Joann's first and the guy there said that a lady came in and ordered 300 yards of it!!!! 300 yards!!!!  I would like to know what on God's green earth could you possibly need 300 yards of zebra print cotton for??? I'm picturing this lady and her house like Cruella DeVille on 101 Dalmations, except with zebra stripes instead of dalmation spots. I wonder if she has black & white hair, too? 

I went to two different Hobby Lobbies and I guess the crazy zebra lady got to them, too. I swear she's on a mission to stop me from making this curtain! So I guess Wal-Mart is my last option for now. Hopefully they'll have it there. I really would like to strike this off of my list of 'Things to Do for Big A's  Room Makeover'. 

On an unrelated note, we spent an hour at the second Hobby Lobby looking at Halloween costume patterns, and then Big A ultimately decided that she would dress up in a very cute outfit of Halloween colors instead of having an actual 'costume'. She also wants Middle A to match. Since Middle A is not old enough to care, I'm fine with that decision. It's easier on me with the impending arrival of our third princess (or diva, or drama queen....whatever my girls are this week). Be on the lookout for a no-sew tutu in the near future. 


elizabeth said...

I believe you can order fabric from Joann's. Might be an option if this mystery lady continues her zebra mission!

Amanda said...

You can, E, but they said they didn't know when it would be in. I wanted to get it this week so we can keep moving on with Annie's room.

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