Thursday, September 15, 2011

I promise, it's coming!

I have been so busy with birthdays, bedroom transitions with the kids, and preparing for Little A's arrival in 8 short weeks (eek!) that I feel like I'm standing in the middle of one of those merry-go-rounds we used to play on at the park. You know, the ones that are practically banned from public parks for being too dangerous? They must be in the same place as all the swings and monkey bars.  
Anyway, I did finish the blackout curtain. I do have photos for a tutorial. HOWEVER, for some reason Iphoto is not working on my Mac. I am beyond furious because I have TONS of photos (which are not lost, just will not load!). It's my main tool for sorting, editing, and posting photos. Now I have to figure out which of my Mac-using friends can help me restore my photo library because I've tried everything Google comes up with. >siiiigh<

As soon as I rectify this situation, I will share with you my wisdom of making blackout curtains. I promise!


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