Thursday, September 22, 2011

What to do next???

I am so torn as to what to create next. I know my blog is titled to be mainly about sewing, but I just love making things with my hands in general. It doesn't matter what type of craft it is. Lately I have been addicted to Pinterest (Look! You can follow me! ---> ).  I have found SOOO many things to do/make/create that I'm almost in overload!

The biggest project that I want to do at the moment, but can't quite get D on board with, is refinishing the kitchen cabinets and painting the walls. Seriously, I could do it myself. I don't need his help. I'm just that darn handy. However, he says it's too much work. :o(  I'm in serious pouty mode right now. I want to paint the cabinets white and the walls a light gray and hang yellow curtains. I am completely in love with gray, white & yellow color palettes. Plus, we have a really small kitchen and I think it would brighten it up a lot. Yes, I know I'm due to have a baby in less than 2 months, but I wouldn't start this project until after Christmas. So if you know me or D personally---help me convince him to let me do it!!!! 

I really want to get our decorating on in the entryway, the living room & hallway as well. We kind of decorated after we got married and then stopped. We have 2 total pictures of Middle A hanging on our walls. All of the photos in our house are of Big A. I'm thinking Middle A will notice one of these days and feel left out if I don't get a move on and start hanging up more pictures.  Plus, I'll be even more behind when Little A arrives because that's one more kid to include. Yikes! Pictures of D and I wouldn't be so bad either. I am envisioning lots and lots of black & white photos in black frames of all different sizes hanging all over my house. I want to do some decorative things among the frames as well. I've gotten some great ideas from Pinterest. I'm sure you can see some on my boards. The colors may not necessarily be what I want, but I'm creative enough to change things up.

Hopefully I'll have a tutorial to show off next time you stop by. I'm tossing the idea of opening an etsy shop around in my head. I'll keep you all updated on that. 

Maybe some super-cute headbands for next time????


The Madsens said...

Ummm, I think we should plan a day and I'll come over and help you with the kitchen, we are women and we can knock this thing out! We can completely finish at least one item so when David gets home, he won't be so shell shocked. And you know, I can something vinyl-y for your photo wall-something family-ish but not cheesy....I don't do cheesy!

Amanda said...

Seriously, KellyAnn!!! I told him HE doesn't have to do it. I would. >insert pouty face< He won't let me! I want to lighten up my kitchen. It feels so....cavernous! Plus, I was thinking of you already to do something for my walls. :o)

lowea4 said...

Im sure you can handle it just fine! I love re doing stuff like that so much...if we only lived closer i would come help too! Loving your blog as well! I added to my favs so update as much as you can! i love blogs!!
-Amanda Lowe

Amanda said...

I totally could, Amanda! Us girls could not only get it done, we would have fun doing it! Thanks for following my blog! I think you might like the next tutorial I post. :o)

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