Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wishful Wednesday

I wish that I could see my grandmother more. I miss her so much, and think about her often. She is a strong and amazing woman. She has taught me many lessons throughout my life. My siblings and I practically lived at her house when we were young, since our own house was only a few miles away. Our school bus route went by both of our houses, and we were allowed to get off the bus at whichever house we wanted. My grandfather passed away at the beginning of this year. I had told my husband that I wanted to spend some time visiting with my grandparents the next time we traveled to my hometown. My grandfather fell ill and that never happened. I find time to spend with Grandma every time we’re in town now. There’s no excuse for not finding time for your loved ones. 

These aren’t the greatest pictures, but I cherish them. I love the hundreds, no thousands of memories we’ve shared.

What do you wish for today? It can be something as small as a chocolate candy bar, or a treat. It could be something you’ve always wanted, like a ’69 Mustang (is that a good one? I have no clue). It could even be something spiritual, philosophical, or political. Share with me in the comments!


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