Thursday, October 16, 2014

Testing, Testing....Is This Thing On!?

Does anyone else feel like a broken record sometimes? I think that if my girls’ vocabularies were limited to the words they heard from me, it would be limited to the following phrases: 

Are you listening?

Why did you do that? 


Are you serious right now?

I don’t speak whinese! 


On the flip side, I hope they hear me when I say things like: 

Your picture is beautiful!

You look gorgeous today! 

Thank you for using your manners.

You’re being so helpful! 

I love you! 


I have been making a conscious effort to say more positive things to my girls. I know how fragile a girl’s self esteem is, and I want them to be confident. I always want them to feel special and loved. 

What are some things you say to, or do with your kids to make sure they know you think they’re special? 



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