Thursday, March 15, 2012
This week is a crazy week. Our church has a huge consignment sale twice a year and yours truly is a team member. I love consignment sale week. Shopping for my daughters is one of my favorite things. Also, Mommy needs a little social time. I think it's a win-win situation. The girls get new wardrobes and I get to socialize with some of my favorite girls from church (while sorting clothes & toys, of course). 

Unfortunately, since I am volunteering more than 20 hours there this week my house is a wreck. I have no clue how I kept this sucker clean when D and I both worked full-time. Of course, we only had one child and no one was home during the day to mess it up. Yeah. That's it.

 Instead of cleaning, I've been sewing. Little A has outgrown her prefolds & covers, so I'm sewing new ones for her. Big A saw me sewing one of the new covers and liked the fabric I was using. She asked me to make her a headband. Now of course, big sister can't do anything without little sister (at least that's what Middle A thinks), so Middle A needed a headband as well. 

I am going to finish up my projects tomorrow or Friday and share pictures with you guys. I am seriously in love with the headbands. I make them reversible with coordinating fabrics. I need to make myself some. If I'm guilty of anything, it's not taking the time to make or buy myself new things. I do love seeing my girls in 'Made by Mommy' clothes, though!

Pictures will be coming soon, so sit tight!


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