Friday, January 27, 2012

The Chocolate To My S'mores

Happy Birthday to my very wonderful, amazing, patient, intelligent, kind, loving husband. 

D turned 30 today. I need to go buy him a walker now, I guess. Really though, I have six more years of the twenty-somethings so I get a kick out of teasing him about his age. He knows I love him and he's the perfect man for me. He's the milk to my cheerios, the cheese to my macaroni, the peanut butter to my jelly, the syrup to my pancakes. He's my real-life Romeo. 

Yeah, I seriously love the guy. I would honestly be lost without him. He and I literally complete each other. Where one of us lacks in certain areas, the other makes up for. 
He hasn't said much about turning 30. The most I've ever heard him say about it is that he wants to have all of our kids before he turns 30. Well, that didn't happen. We aren't finished having kids yet. I don't know if it's actually realistic to set goals like that. I think life happens too often in between the time you set the goal and the 'ending' time. 

We haven't decided how many kids we'll have, but we know we aren't finished. People always ask if we're going to keep trying until we have a boy. I think that is a ridiculous and utterly absurd question to ask. I think anyone who is having kids until they have the desired gender is having children for the wrong reason. 
My second favorite question is, "What if you have all girls?" Well, uh.....DUH!!!! We'll have all girls. Do you think the last one is gonna come out with a big banner and a party hat, blowing on a vuvuzela in celebration of having all girls??? Come on now!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update. Maybe you'll get a nice picture of D and myself dressed up to go on a birthday date. Maybe not...who knows? 
I'm thinking a Brazilian restaurant will be fun!


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