Sunday, January 29, 2012

Monogram Canvases

 I made a lot of our Christmas gifts homemade this year. I thought I would share one with you. I made this craft for my sister-in-law (here's her blog: Entirely Elizabeth) I won't post a tutorial because it's pretty simple: you paint.  I used tape to create the straight lines. I got the inspiration from these two pictures that she pinned on her Pinterest board: 

She liked the monogram canvasses in this one.

 She liked the colors in this one. 

So, I combined the two ideas and came up with this. She actually hung them in her bedroom, so I'm assuming she likes them. Haha!

 I will say that I actually went to Home Depot and bought the little sample cans of Behr Premium paint to do this because it only cost $2.99 for each color. I am positive I would have spent that much on the paint I would have gotten at the craft store. Plus, this project used so little paint that Elizabeth has it now to paint anything she finds that she may want to coordinate with these canvasses.

I'll post more craftiness in a day or two. For now, I need to start getting myself and my girls ready for church! Happy Sunday!


Elizabeth Norris said...

I do love them!

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